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I remember the day I first experienced it. I was sitting in a pizza restaurant in Sausalito CA and took this picture with a point and shoot camera. That camera has gone onto digital heaven, but the moment has stayed with me ever since.

The picture inspired me, but not because of anything I had done. It dawned on me how photos are like a slice of life.

Not the whole pizza, just a slice.

In this picture you see the inside of the pizza restaurant with the table set, the backwards "Pizza Slices - Salad" sign on the window, the car parked on the street, the bicycle parked next to the window. Was the rider a customer in the pizza place? Maybe someone who works there? The cyclist pedaling by. I wonder how far he has ridden today. I wonder if his legs ache from the hills around Sausalito. The body of water full of sailboats. My, it must be fun out there with the wind filling the sails! What’s that island? That would be fun to sail around. In the distance I see a bridge going over the water. People are probably either going to or from work or maybe going into San Francisco for fun. And even further in the distance is land. Are those office buildings I see or maybe condos?

That moment was frozen for all time. That one picture created an emotion, almost a story. It caused me to think, to wonder, to dream.

That’s powerful. Photography can do that.

Photography reveals life; one slice at a time.

From that moment on I wanted to capture photos that cause me to wonder, to dream, to tell a story.
And even if the photo is tulips and it doesn’t cause you to wonder or to dream, it can stir that emotion inside of you that says "oh, that’s pretty" and have a calming effect. Photography can connect you to something higher. It can take you away from what you are doing and give you a moment’s rest. It can express tragedy and joy. It can recall emotions from years past. Photography can make you mad.

That’s powerful.

That picture inspired me so much that I spend some part of every day trying to increase my skills to make a better slice.

At some point you desire to share your slices with others. I’ve done that through making and sending postcards and posters, photographed weddings, sporting events, whatever….in pursuit of taking a photo that reveals life. Capturing that moment in time. Slices of life.

That is the motivation for this website, sharing my slices of life with you.
This website is a collection of some of my photography that hopefully communicates a story, makes you think, causes you to wonder, makes you dream, or just gives you a short break from the work that you are doing.

I’ve enjoyed creating these slices. I hope you enjoy them too.


Richard Sherrill